For our struggle is not against flesh and blood...Ephesians 6:12
Good Shepherd Institute

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Welcome to GSI

Good Shepherd Institute is an organization of Christian clergy and laity who recognize the present-day reality of Satan, demons, fallen angels, and other evil spirits. Our mission is to seek, discern and confront the role of evil in human suffering and to respond redemptively in the name of Jesus.

Good Shepherd Institute endeavors to bring healing and freedom to victims of evil through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. Conditions of torment may include demon possession or oppression, night terrors, haunting, supernatural voices, spirit visitation, demonic sexual abuse, destructive personality patterns, and assorted paranormal activity.

Good Shepherd Institute methods include prayer for inner healing, exorcism, deliverance, the spiritual cleansing of objects and places, the breaking of curses, rescue from Satanism, Wicca and other occult and New Age movements, and education and assistance in personal spiritual warfare.

Good Shepherd Institute recognizes the contemporary role of Christian spiritual gifts, the power of the Holy Spirit, scripture, truth, faith and love in defeating the devil.

Good Shepherd Institute offers training, consultation and resources to churches, clergy and Christian caregivers in matters relating to Christian spiritual warfare.